Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games Katniss-Inspired Hair Clip

In honor of today, I just couldn't resist making and sharing this Hunger Games inspired treat!

So, yes I did want to go to the midnight showing last night, but the fact that I'm usually in my 2nd dream by 10pm, led me to attending the movie tonight.  Date night, in fact, which makes it that much better!

Because I caught the Katniss fever and want to blend in with the other tweens who will be attending the movie tonight, I wanted to make something to wear.  
Something that doesn't scream "CRAZY FAN. OH EM GEE PEEEETA", but more like "I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Hunger Games Series". so intellectual.

So, here is a quick, easy tutorial on how to make a Katniss-inspired Hair Clip.

Side Note: for those of you who haven't read The Hunger Games (don't know why you haven't yet) Katniss is fierce with the bow and arrow!  Which was my inspiration!

 I used my go-to material: shrinky dinks!
  So, I just drew and cut out 3 of the same size arrow-like shapes.  You can see the size of them compared to the marker.
For more details on how to use shrinky dinks - refer to my previous project here.

 Then, I used a gold marker and colored in each shape.  You could also use paint or spray paint after its shrunk.

 After following the directions that came with my shrink film, you can see how much thicker and smaller they get.  Just needed to touch up the newly-thickened sides with the gold marker.

Now, begins the assembling.
I used krazy glue to glue each piece close together on the flat side of the bobby pin. 

 Let it sit for a few minutes and now I am ready for the games!

Happy Hunger Games.


  1. and may the odds be ever in your favor!!!

  2. I haven't read the hunger games, but this cute little tutorial makes me want to haha! I'm definetly making this!

  3. Love this! I would love for you to stop by and link up:

  4. Love this! Need to buy me some Shrinkydinks. Linking this to my blog,

  5. Such a brilliant and a very artistic idea! That hair clip is cute!

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  6. This is such a cute DIY love it. subtle but clear :)


  7. Post more crafts I need more ideas

  8. Ohhh this is brilliant! Can't wait to try it :D Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. would there be anything else you could use for the arrows?

    1. I'll bet you could use polymer clay or something like that.

  10. Replies
    1. You can get them at craft stores like Joann's, Michael's or Hobby Lobby (or their websites). Use their 40% off coupons to get them for a better price! You can also get them on Amazon, but I don't know where you'd get the coupon. ;)

  11. These are super cute! I'm excited to try them. I actually want to try it with triangles and other shapes too, not just arrows. :D

    You should post some of your fun diy ideas over at this contest going on over here:

    Your posts are so fun! Thanks again for this idea.

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