Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to The States

Well, here I am, back from Brazil!
I got back Sunday evening, and spent all yesterday catching up on my forgotten Ohio life.

It was an amazing experience, and definitely unlike anything I have ever done before.
We visited many museums, art spaces, schools, food places. 
(the list goes on...)

The people we met were all as warm as the environment they are apart of.
Relationships were present instantly, and it was heartbreaking to say goodbye as we carry on with our lives separated by a large ocean.

There is too much to say about the past two weeks.
I have many ideas from what I've seen, and plan to adapt them to my American lifestyle!
As time goes on, and more projects come out, more will be revealed about Brazil.

 But for now (as I am still wrapping my head around the whirlwind of the trip), here some pictures to do some explaining:

 There was graffiti EVERYWHERE! The whole country was one big canvas covered in so many images, words, and colors.

 The buildings, alone, created a breathtaking color palette.

 We got to spend many moments by the sea.

 Visited Brazilian artist, Jose Francisco Borges' printmaking studio.  
His prints were full of life and expression.  
....I stocked up!

Spent time in a school's art room which was also covered in images and color. 
(as an art room should be!)

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