Friday, July 22, 2011

Off to Brazil!

I cannot believe that tomorrow morning I am leaving for Brazil!  

I am so excited and increasingly getting more and more nervous. 
I'm not so nervous to actually be there, but to be away from what I am used to.  However, ironically, that is what I am excited about and is the exhilarating part of travel.

While I am there, we are supposed to be researching a topic of our choice.  
So, I am planning to focus a lot on where individuals get their artistic influences and inspirations from.

I am keeping a journal and camera with me at all times, while I am on the hunt for :
I intend to gather personal inspiration as a result from everything I see, hear, and feel.
Of course, I'll come back with pictures and experiences to share, as well as more projects!
So many good things are waiting for me -  I am off!

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  1. oh have fun! i'm just a wee bit jealous! can't wait to see the photos!!