Friday, July 8, 2011

Upcycle Old Jeans into New Shorts

I'm sure every person has an old pair of jeans that they no longer wear.  I have so many that are too short or have been branded with paint, so I decided to make a new pair of denim shorts with a playful touch added to them!

 Here is how I did it:
 1. Get out an old pair of jeans that still fit your waist and measure the length you wish to cut, mark, and cut. 
 I planned on folding them up so I cut them just an inch longer than I want them. (I actually ended up cutting them more times by the time I was done, I embrace the term short shorts!)

 2. Once you have tried them on and reached your desired length, move into a place that you can work with bleach worry-free. I worked in a kitchen (so I do apologize for the poor lighting in my photos).
Lay your shorts out as flat as possible with an old rag/towel in between the shorts to absorb the bleach so it won't bleed through to the backside.

 3. Use a sponge to trace and cut out a circle that you'll use to create the polka dots. The circle should be a little smaller than what you want because it will bleed out a little.

 4. Prepare your bleach by pouring it out in a container. I just used the lid to avoid any cleanup.

 5. I highly recommend using a glove, then dip in your circle sponge into the bleach.

 6. Blot onto shorts in random pattern. You will probably need to dip back into the bleach after 2 or 3 dots. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process before flipping over and doing the same to the backside.

7. Let dry completely, then fold up bottom and iron bottom to have a solid crease.

And now you have some cute shorts that didn't cost you a dime!

I do want to let my fantastic followers know that next week I am taking on an internship at a local arts camp here in Ohio and BEYOND excited! 
So I am either going to be completely inspired to work on projects, or completely exhausted after spending an 8 hour day with 6-7 year olds.  We will see!  
However, do expect more fun things to be shared at some point!

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