Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Feather Earring

In Brazil, we were with the most wonderful people everyday and in every city.  They were so nice, and all so very stylish!
One of our translators, when we first met her, was rockin' one long feather earring
Just one - and it was awesome!

We went to a bunch of different craft markets and I saw them everywhere!
I had to resist buying one because I knew I could figure out how to make one.

The earrings in Brazil did have much more beautiful feathers!  
I don't think Ohio has any exotic birds, so I just used leftover feathers from my hair extensions ... still love the color!

Here's one way to make your own feather earring:

You will need to buy these little rings.  
You can find them at any store that sells jewelry supplies.  I got a pack at Jo-ann Fabrics with 3 different sizes for under $3.

 Use the rings to make 2 chains just by interlocking them with each other.  
1 short chain and 1 long chain.  
You can use pliers to separate and then press back together.  

 To attach the feathers, you will need these tools called a jewelry crimp.  (Also got at Jo-ann Fabrics.)

Crimp each feather into one of these.
Use pliers to close down the sides first, then the top.

 I attached a smaller feather to the smaller chain, because it will hang a little bit above the longer one.

 Finally, attach the featherless end of the chains to a fishhook earring by using your trusty pliers and now you have a little bit of a Brazilian flair!

Loving it already!!!!
I like how they kind of flow with my hair and add a little pop of color.


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