Monday, August 15, 2011

Printing With Lace

So I should be working on a paper I need to write, buuuuut I got distracted and ended up making a few handmade cards instead....

Last week when I bought clips needed for my feather earring, I found them in the clearance section with some lace ribbon, and knew I'd come back to it!
Here is a simple way to add some decoration to paper:

Just start with some sort of printing material with will be copied.  
I used lace ribbon, but you could use anything your imagination lets you come up with.  
( I smell a lesson plan in the making!)

 Next, use any paint you have on hand, such as acrylic, or tempura, etc and coat the entire piece of lace evenly and thorough. 

Take whatever piece of paper you will be printing on and align the lace where you want it to be.
I just used some aged construction paper, nothing fancy!

Then, place a clean piece of paper over and rub evenly with fingers.  Make sure the lace isn't moving around, so you get a clean print.

(Tip/technique picked up from Brazil: use a spoon to press on the material.  It is a perfect tool for this.)

 Here is my first print, I really liked the simplicity of it just on the top, but I loved this process and kept on going.

 Over the weekend, David and I ended up in an antique shop in Delaware, OH - which is a beautiful area I've never been to before!  We were in the historic downtown area that had so many cute shops and little cafes....
....I picked up some vintage crocheted material for another project, but I decided to make another card using this!

It's amazing the things I end up doing when I need to be doing schoolwork.  Hopefully I'll have better luck tomorrow!