Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make Your Own Braided Belt

Here is a great way to make a belt out of an old tee-shirt which is my new favorite material to use for everything!
I got this dress for when I need to look all professional and stuff in 90 degree weather, but I was wearing it my cowboy-kind-of-boots and belt and I felt Taylor Swift-esque! Lovin it!

 First, you'll need a big t-shirt in the color you want your belt.  
I got an XXL tee from the dollar store. ( I would love to make another one with a purple shirt!)
Cut off the seam from the bottom, and measure up 1 inch for each of the 3 strips that you will then cut across.  
I measured on both ends and in the middle to draw a line across in pencil to get a straight cut.
You'll end up with 3 large loops, just cut them on one end so you have 3 long strips of fabric.

 Next, I used a large button which will work as the buckle, but you can use whatever you please.  
If using a button, just thread the strips through the holes in the button and tie a tight knot so it doesn't come undone.
( When threading, you may need something to help push it through, I used a bobby pin, but whatever you have around you should do the trick.)

Next, you just braid the 3 strands that are on the other side of your button.  
Don't know how to braid??
Check out my last post!

 The greatest thing about this belt is how simple it is - with your button, you can just slide it in part of the braid to make it tight.  The fabric is stretchy enough that it will fit under a spot and stay there.

 This is really why I wanted to make the belt. 
 I can rock the preppy look if I'm feeling it one day this sweet summer!

I made a skinny belt, so it can be worn in many different ways, but if you want a bigger belt, you just have to cut out larger strips. Easy peasy.

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