Saturday, July 2, 2011

No-Sew Homemade Dog Scarf

So last night we saw out first round of fireworks! We brought our pup, Sienna, with us, and its actually no surprise that she loved them - loud noises and bright lights …. its a puppy's dream! 
 Realizing now that this could be her favorite holiday (yes, I am one of those pet owners), I made this cute, little patriotic scarf for her – and of course I want to share how easy it is to make for any others out there who are completely obsessed with their pet!

Basically this scarf will just slide right over your pet's collar.  I used an old tee-shirt and I planed on painting it when it has its shape. This was a quick project, but a quicker method would be to work with an already patterned fabric you can find in stores. There are so many fabrics out there - take your pick!  

 1. Start with a large enough square of fabric with straight edges. Place your dog's collar at the top and fold over, make sure of 2 things: 1) the collar fits in the fold and can easily slide in and out and 2) the clasps are on the outside. You will need to trim down your fabric square to work with the collar.

2. Use a ruler to find the middle of your square, and lightly with pencil draw a straight line vertically down the fabric. Draw a diagonal line from the bottom of the halfway point up to both sides of the bottom of the fold. You can measure for accuracy, but I just went with it.

3.  With the top still folded down, use sharp scissors to cut those diagonal lines, so you are left with this shape. 

4. Place on ironing board and iron over entire piece. Make sure fold is still in place – want it to be a sharp crease.

 5. Move to a place you do not mind to get messy, and use a hot glue gun to glue the bottom of the fold down. 
 Note: you do not want to glue the entire piece because remember this is where the collar will slide in and out of. 
 Also, if you do have a sewing machine, this would be the spot to use it – I rely heavily on my hot glue gun because I am too broke for a sewing machine … one day!

6. Flip over and start creating! 
 I outlined and taped what I wanted to do then used acrylic paint. Fabric paint would be ideal, but I just used what I have. One negative of using acrylic is that it dries stiff - however, since this isn't the thickest fabric, it actually ended up being a positive and helping it retain its shape.

And now the sun is finally out here in Columbus, so I am off to enjoy the holiday weekend!  
Hope you all enjoy it as well!  

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