Thursday, July 7, 2011

Using What You Have

I know I have been slacking a little on my blogging, however it is summer and I am not working.
Oh and I forgot to mention there is a pool 50 feet away from me!  
So I have been really busy doing this :
 Can you really blame me??

I do want to share some simple ideas that you can do in your own home by 
Using what you have, to make what you need:

 If you have a lot of necklaces like I do, you can have them all visible by hammering some nails in your wall in any order and draping your necklaces over them.  I actually used nail polish to paint a little color on the nail head after hammered in and now it is like a little display!

Using a cigar box is a great way to keep all your bracelets or other items together.  Having them in a box that is able to close makes for an easy travel companion!

I save all glass jars we go through to keep my markers, pens, and pencils in!  Because they are clear, the colors are easy to find.  I also keep my fabric scraps in a big, reused container.

 Here is another cigar box that I transformed into a tiny sewing box.  It is the perfect size for my thread and needles.

Here is a coffee mug that I use to hang all my earrings on - it doesn't take up a lot of room and keeps them all visible.
I have already moved onto my 2nd mug, after all the shrinky dink earrings I have made!

I've been working on a project, that I will be sure to post tomorrow.  
Until then, Enjoy Your Day!

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