Friday, September 16, 2011

DIY Cork Board

I have been rather busy this past week making a mess out of my newly claimed crafting room.
I've been getting ready for my classes that start next week, and that is when everything in my life needs to be organized.
Yes, I am anal, but I'm okay with it.
Anyway, now that I am done, I wanted to share how easy it is to make your own cork board!
And it still looks pretty - not just some cork up on a wall.

 Here is a tutorial for a do-it-yourself cork board:

To start, get an old frame (or new, if you'd rather spend more money, but who would do that!).
I got an this frame at a thrift store for $3.99.  
It had an old painting in it that I just removed and I kept the backing it came with.

 Then use some sandpaper just to sand down the top layer of the frame if it's painted or stained.

Then just pick your color, and paint!
I used an acrylic paint which required 3 coats.

Once dried, apply the cork into the frame, and put the backing on.
I bought a roll of cork at a craft store for only $3.99 and it fit perfectly in this 18"x24" frame.

For now, it is hanging here empty because this weekend my wonderful boyfriend is building me a new table to replace my itty bitty desk !!

How I know I'm growing up: I asked for a new table for my birthday.  

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