Thursday, September 8, 2011

Infinity Scarf

Here I am, back in Ohio!
I had a great time being back home in Jersey -- I was able to hang out with my family and long lost friends .... so fun!  

So many days were spent seaside which made me the happiest girl.
It was truly a great end to the summer.

I feel like I arrived back to Ohio just in time for fall ... unfortunately the weather is chilly and cloudy, buuuut the leaves are beginning to change colors!

When I was home, I cleaned out my room and came across a lot of clothes that haven't been worn in years so now I am left with so many materials to craft with :)

I found an old Sublime tee shirt (couldn't bring myself to throw it out) and wanted to make an infinity scarf.  I also had access to my mom's sewing machine, so I took advantage of that!  
These scarves are really easy to make out of tee shirts or any other fabric you may have.
I love the green color of it, and it will be perfect for fall.

Here's a simple infinity scarf tutorial:
Just lay out the shirt flat, and cut two equal strips.  
I used a ruler to measure up and drew light lines with pencil to keep them straight.
Cut through the entire shirt (front and back) so you have 2 loops.

Cut the two loops at one end so you have 2 long strips of fabric.  

Then sew the strips together to create 1 large loop.

You can wrap it around once, twice, three times - gotta love the infinity scarf! 

I've been getting so excited for fall crafts and food, but then I realized school starts soon so expect a flood of posts - I have so many things I want to do while I still have free time!!


  1. Oh, my gosh, you have no comments! I expected the page would be flooded.
    Well, I love this brief little tutorial, and I *hope* to find a shirt for it soon (I'm not really a T-shirt kind of gal, and the few T-shirts I have already have projects assigned to them).

    By the by, I love Ohio~. My father was born there, and some of his family continued to live up there. I was only there for a little over a week, but I loved Cedar Point and CoSi.

  2. Love this idea -- thanks for posting it! I have a tshirt in my sewing room waiting to be upcycled and it is perfect for this project!

  3. I love this!!!!!! Im gonna have to hit some thrift stores soon!!

  4. Your scoodie/infinity style scarf idea is so great, why didn't I think of that, thanks for the tips!!

  5. My daughter asked me to make her an infinity T-shirt scarf. I still have a few T-shirts left from a quilt I made her using college and sorority T's. I love your photographs and tutorial and look forward to making some infinity scarfs soon. Excellent work...very helpful and your scarf is darling. I love the color and the graphic!

  6. This what I needed! I have a t shirt with a pretty design and no I can use the printed part of the t shirt with your idea! Thanks!

  7. I love this!! Am planning on using it as a tutorial in my recycling class this week, thank you so much for sharing!

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