Monday, June 20, 2011

Back from the Beach

I am back in Ohio after a great weekend in New Jersey down the shore. I am borderline depressed returning to an overcast day with predicted rain everyday this week, however returning to my pictures is bringing me back to happiness!
It was a weekend full of family, sunshine, saltwater, and smiles. I loved it all!

I never lived at the beach for longer than a week or two, but believe me, I completely understand
what it means to live at the shore:

baby seashells are always a great find, no matter how many times you've collected them

nap often

there is no need for a dryer

 boogie board = necessary

flipflops are the only acceptable shoe wear

your lawn consists of rocks, not grass

outdoor showers are the most refreshing experience after a day on the beach

be as nautical as possible


I have become quite the early bird these days, and luckily sunrise at the shore is my favorite time to hit the beach.
  Here are some things that I loved:

The beach is my bliss.  
It is the only place that I can simply do nothing, and still be the happiest person.

Where is your favorite place to be?


  1. the shore! when we lived in north myrtle beach we had a sign that said "heaven is a little closer in a house by the shore"

  2. YO CHECK OUT THAT HORSESHOE CRAB!!!!! Wah i wish i got to nap on that divine couch!!!