Friday, June 24, 2011

Craft - Seashell Surf Wax Candles

When I was down the shore last weekend I came across some huge shells! Early in the morning is about the only time to find seashells in mint condition before the tide rolls in and washes them out to sea, or before they are stepped on and broken into pieces.
I decided to make my own candles and use these as the holders.

Making candles can be time consuming, but this is a simple, shortened version.
Here are the basics of what you will need:

Wax, Wicks, Holder, Double Boiler

 1. If using shells, you will have to clean them with a bleach-water solution. (Much more water than bleach in this) I always use a glove when working with bleach - that stuff scares me!

 2. The wax that I am using is surfboard wax. I have a large supply of it since I am no longer surfing, because I am temporarily separated from the sea. The smell of it is something that will always bring me back to happiness. 
There are various kinds of wax sold in craft stores, along with colors, scents, and molds. Could even throw in a crayon to get a solid color. 

 3. Lay out a table covering that you don't mind getting dirty (such as a boyfriend's video game magazine. hehe) – this will catch any splashes. Place the wicks in the shells, so they are already prepared when wax is ready to be poured.

 4. A double boiler needs to be used to prevent the wax from burning. I used a tin coffee can that leaves for an easy clean-up. While the water in the pot is coming to a simmer, spray the inside of the coffee can with nonstick cooking spray.

 5. Then place the wax inside the coffee can and place in the pot of simmering water. It will take around 7-10 minutes for the wax to completely come into liquid.

 6. Once the wax is liquified, you need to work fast so it doesn't harden before poured. Use tongs to remove the coffee can and pour directly into the shells.

 7. They will need to set and harden for at least 20 minutes. Now you are all done and can brag to everyone that you make your own candles!

After cutting down the wicks, I placed mine next to some sea glass in our bathroom, which I am slowly redecorating into a beach-themed room! I love having a lot of little things placed next to each other.  

I hope everyone has a great weekend - I have some good stuff coming at ya next week! 

Enjoy your world!

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