Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beauty: Feather Extensions

After weeks of envying my classmates, I finally got my very own feather extensions!

 I feel as though they were the perfect addition to the summer lifestyle.

 Apparently they have been around for a year or so on the west coast, and now here, somewhere in between the mid-west and east coast - they have arrived!

Here's some of my favorite celebs sporting the look!
I know your all thinking: Ke$ha and Selena Gomez, really??? 

I am a tween at heart.

Here in Columbus, I went to Phia Salon in the Short North after being referred there by a friend. I paid a little over $40 which covered 7 feathers and the application costs, and they did do a great job. I recommend that salon, but if looking for somewhere to get them done outside of Columbus, just search for feather extensions in your city.

The price was a little steep for my summer of unemployment, however, totally worth it! I can't stop catching a glimpse of my reflection in window's glares (don't judge, you do it too) and styling it in different ways. I was told they last 6 weeks, and you can shampoo, lightly comb, straighten, curl, and crimp them. The only warning I received was to avoid them when conditioning; easy.

I went with the natural looking colors like red, brown, yellowish, to blend in a little more. I did get a turquoise one that peeks out every once in a while and shows its color, which I love! While the colors are up to you, I suggest getting varied lengths so they pop out at different areas and look more textured and natural. Love the bohemian style, and these just add to it.  They are so fun!

My car is being tended to and loved right now, so in a day or so when I obtain all necessary materials, of course I will be showing how to do it yourself. Be ready!

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