Thursday, June 9, 2011

Craft - Paper Hydrangea Flowers

ATTN: Tedious task, patience required!!

This is a great way to make a bright, cheery addition to any space!  They end up looking so real .... I even tricked my boyfriend. hehe

First, you will need thick paper.  I received this paper in the mail about a year ago, and have been dying to use it!  It was perfect for this project because you can mold it once you add water.  You could also use card stock or fabric (if you harden it).

Next, use a flower paper punch to cut lots and lots of flower shapes.

Use a watercolor paint of your choice to cover the front and back of all the individual flowers.  They don't need to be perfect, will look more real if imperfect.

Use a concave object to lay the flowers on to dry and retain the shape.

 While the flowers were drying, cut floral wire that you can get at any craft store or florist.  Cut in half to make sure all were equal, or could also vary the sizes, just keep the same ones together.

 Use a hot glue gun to just put a little drop of glue on the back of each flower.

 Hold the cut floral wire on the glue dot until it dries.

 Once you have as many as you wish, bundle all together and use a twist tie or piece of the floral wire to keep all together.  You will need to bend down some of the flowers to give the round shape.

Here are 4 bundles I finished.  They are placed in a painted coffee can I use as a vase.  I am working on making 1 more because I have an obsession with things being in odd numbers.

Told you it was tedious! This project took me a few hours, but I loved every minute of it!  With good music playing, time will fly.

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