Monday, June 13, 2011

Delicious Drink: Strawberry-Peach Sangria

Here is a delicious recipe for a strawberry-peach sangria drink! My cousin made it last year when we were down the shore (yes, the jersey shore), and sippin' it poolside couldn't be beat. I stole her recipe, and made it last weekend for a party I went to, and everyone loved it! I finished up the ingredients last night to have with dinner. Yummy...

Do read entire recipe before beginning to make … I've made that mistake before!
    1. Clean and cut up strawberries and peaches (amount is up to you)
    2. Place in bottom of pitcher/container you will be using and smoosh up. I used a glass and just pressed really hard to squeeze out a lot of the juices.
    3. Use any kind of peach rum to pour over smooshed fruit just enough to cover all the fruit and then some. (This may result in some very strong 'fruit shots' when drinking. Be responsible. Please and thank you.)
    4. Let the fruit soak in the rum overnight, for best results. However, still delish if only soaked for 30 minutes or so.
    5. Add 1 and ½ bottle of white zinfandel.
    6. Add ½ bottle of sprite.
    7. Add ¼ bottle of white peach juice (I used white cranberry-peach juice, still good).
    8. Stir to mix all together.
    9. Pour over ice and enjoy!

I used a gallon size pitcher, but if you plan on making it for a lot of people, I would double the recipe. I didn't make enough, and sure as heck wish I did!

The colors are so vibrant and it is so refreshing.
Nothing better than sangria on a summer's evening!


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  1. that sounds so good....will give it a try over the summer!